Hiring Tools

Hiring Tools

The best question to begin with, is to ask your housekeeper “where would she start her work? “The answer should be upstairs and work her way down, since dust falls. She should also know to dust before she vacuums.

My next suggestion is to try her. A good cleaning lady will know that she should:

• Clean the moldings’

• The inside of the fridge

• If you are lucky even the freezer

• The tracks of the sliding doors

• Empty the garbage’s

• Dust off any cobwebs

• Clean under the couch

The best way to judge a housekeeper is to see if she can do a great job, in a fair amount of time!

I always look to see if she went the extra mile. For example did she clean on top of the rain showerhead, did she organize the children’s books, did she take initiative to put a few things away, did she fold the laundry that was forgotten in the dryer etc. To me these are very important extras that determine whether she is a good housekeeper or a great one!

I once had an amazing housekeeper who even emptied out everything from my decorative jars to clean inside them!